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February 2003



27 June 2003

Welcome to midiforworship.com

- your online resource for Christian worship music


So what's so different about this site from all the other midi sites out there?


When we started using midi music in our worship a few years ago we found there was a real lack of suitable files available.  There was certainly plenty of choice but we didn't want anything with lots of percussion and it needed to have the right number of verses as well as a suitable intro.  Since we couldn't find what we were looking for, we decided to create our own arrangements.  The files on this site are the result.


The midi resources you'll find here have been developed over several years and were, almost without exception, written to be used in worship services.  As such each arrangement had congregational singing in mind - from inception.


On this site every worship song has its own page where you will find the words along with the midi file.  Click on the link on each of the song pages to listen to the relevant tune, each of which has an introduction and the correct number of verses for the version on this site.


We welcome feedback, so if you have any comments or suggestions, or if you find any broken links, please get in touch.


Crescendo is an excellent internet midi player and will allow you to save each of the midi files individually.  If you don't already have Crescendo, the free version of the player is available for download here.  All of the midi files on this site are available in zip files on our download page.

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